Steve O’Brien

Steve O’Brien

On Air: 5:30a – 10a

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Hometown: Piedmont, Oklahoma

Favorite Moment in Radio: Meeting Paul McCartney! We spent about 15 minutes together before his OKC show and he’s incredible! One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! And he’s got some great stories too!

Something you may not know about the Steve, Shawn & The Magic Man:We get up early (3:30am) and we work long after the show ends at 10am. but I can’t think of anything else in the world I’d rather be doing.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
My mother always told me to “Be yourself”, and “Treat others the way you want to be

Best thing about Magic 104.1 listeners?
They support us so well! Anytime we draw a blank on a name or show, they jump right
in to help us out. It’s like having an extended “family”.

Steve is married to Lori & they have two boys Kyle & Carson.

Here are few of Steve’s favorite things:

Color: Blue

Foods: Pizza, Steak and a great Hamburger

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Magazine: Entertainment Weekly

Recent Movies: Loved “The Blind Side and “Avitar”.

TV Shows: I usually watch “American Idol”, but can never get enough of “Seinfeld” or “WKRP”.

Music: Love the Eagles, Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John and those
“guilty pleasures from the 70’s”.

Sports Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Oklahoma City Thunder, and I root for both the
Sooners and Cowboys!

Hobbies: I love music! I collect CD’s and LP’s. I enjoy watching movies and in the Summer
we spend alot of time with family and friends at Lake Eufaula.

Stacy Barton

Stacy Barton

On Air: 5:30-10:00am


 Moore, Oklahoma

How’d you get started? I was gonna be a band director, but the kids locked me out of the band room and generally tortured me throughout my student teaching. A friend was attending a broadcasting school, so I dumped music ed and tried radio instead. 30 years later I’m still trying it on for size.

Worst/funniest thing that ever happened on-air? I went into labor with our first child. The worst “gas” I ever had turned into our biggest joy four hours later.

Favorite Interview: Carrie Underwood after her “American Idol” win. Got her to fess up to — not one — but TWO tattoos.

Favorite Moment in Radio: Getting back together with the guys at Magic. Seriously. Who gets a life mulligan? So I’m milking this sucka for all it’s worth.

You might be surprised to know: … that I really dig writing and performing music and one of my tunes was featured on an episode of ABC’s “Ugly Betty”.

Best advice you’ve ever received: God will never give you an assignment and not provide you with the tools to knock it out of the park.

Worst advice you’ve ever received: Get a “real” job.

Personal: Stacy’s married to Jerry and they’ve got two kids with particularly long fingers: Carly and Dillon. They hang in Edmond.

Here are few of Stacy’s favorite things:

Color: Crimson

Food: Caliente, especially Mexican

Drink: Diet Coke

Book: Bible

TV Show: “American Pickers” and “Enjoying Everyday Life”

Song: Can’t pick just one, but never get sick of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” or “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos.

Album: “Come on Come On” – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Sports Team: OU football, OKC Thunder

Jeff Roberts

“Magic Man” Jeff Roberts

On Air: 5:30a – 10a


Born in Oklahoma City, OK, Jeff is SOONER born & SOONER bred & grew up in Bethany. He was totally consumed with FOOTBALL all the way through grade school & high school until he blew out his knee & lost a Football scholarship. He then attended OSU of OKC for that wonderful Business degree. So how did he get into radio? As a sophomore in high school he & just kept his fingers in it through the rest of high school & College. Now the rest is history, not to mention we can’t get rid of him.

Jeff’s married to Janet and together they have three children; Stephanie, Luke & Mark. They reside in Edmond.

Here are few of Jeff’s favorite things:

Color: Red

Food: Mexican, Pizza or anything else that’s available.

Drink: Coffee or Mountain Dew gotta get that caffine

Magazine: Oklahoma Today & Vype

Movie: Tombstone, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, All the Star Wars & what’s ever on now

TV Show: NCIS, Battlestar Galactica (the new one & the old one) & Law & Order: SVU

Male Artist: Vincent Van Ghough….Okay, Toby Mac, Daughtry & Sting

Female Artist: Pink, Carrie Underwood, Natalie Grant, Stacie Orrico & Jessi Stone

Band: Nickelback, Mercy Me, Third Day & Black Eyed Peas

Song: Booming

Album: Thriller

Sports teams: OU football, Dallas Cowboys, OKC Thunder & Chicago Cubs

Jessi Stone

Jessi Stone

On Air: 10a – 12p


Born and raised here in the Sooner State, Jessi spent the first few years of her life toddling around in Mustang. She then moved to Edmond where she has been ever since, give or take a couple of years in a place where she wore her crimson n cream proudly-TEXAS! She spends most of her time with her beautiful little girl, Alex. They share their house with 2 roommates that don’t ever pay their rent… Porky and Mo the guinea pigs.
Jessi’s Favorites
Color: Purple
Food: Sushi and sandwiches
Drink: Cream Soda
Magazine: Highlights
Movie: “That Thing You Do” “Elf” and all of the Disney-Pixar movies
TV show: Friends
Male Artist: Jamie Cullum, John Mayer, Jason Mraz
Female Artist: Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Nikka Costa
Band: Coldplay. Then coming in at a close 2nd, a toss-up between Led Zeppelin and The Wiggles.
Song: Toto-“Africa”, Moody Blues: “Nights in White Satin”, Led Zeppelin-“Since I’ve Been Loving You”… this could go on all day.
Album: Coldplay’s “Rush of Blood to the Head” or “X&Y”
Sports team: Oklahoma City Ballet. Okay, the Sooners!
Hobbies: Goofing off with my family and friends, goofing off at work, driving around aimlessly listening to music, watching Friends episodes on DVD- over and over, songing and dancing- I have a MEAN pair of jazz hands!

Dave McKay

Dave McKay

Weekdays 12pm – 3pm
Saturday’s 7pm-Midnight

Dave was born in San Jose, California, and moved to Oklahoma to attend the
University of Oklahoma. Dave and his wife, Kim, have one son, Timothy,
who you can hear from time to time on Saturday night’s.

Here are few of Dave’s favorite things:

Color: Red

Food: Pizza

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Magazine: Sports Illustrated

Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or any James Bond movie

TV Show: Modern Family

Male artist: Phil Collins

Female artist: Sarah McLachlan

Band: a-ha

Song: In The Air Tonight

Album: Mirrorball

Sports teams: San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma City Thunder

Hobbies: Playing with my son, riding bikes, lounging

Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh


 Jennifer was born in Duncan , but calls Chickasha her hometown (being that she graduated from high school and college there) Go Fightin’ Chicks! She attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and received a BA (note: not a BS) in Communication. She got her first major radio gig at Magic 104.1 hosting the EXTREMELY popular evening show “Magic After Dark” (anyone remember that show?). Next, she spent some years in Tulsa working for Magic’s sister station KBEZ…..Finally, it was back to Oklahoma City, to be the Promotions Director for Magic’s other sister station KRXO…And now we’ve come full circle and she’s hosting the afternoon show! Wew what a trip!

Here are few of Jennifer’s favorite things:
Color: Blue
Food: Mexican
Drink: Something cold
Magazine: Rolling Stone
Movie: “To Kill A Mockingbird”
TV Show: “Lost” and “Mad Men”
Male artist: Bono
Female artist: Madonna
Bands: Heart, Fleetwood Mac, U2
Song: “In My Life” by the Beatles
Album: “Little Queen” by Heart
Sports teams: Sports? What’s that?
Hobbies: Music, Music, Music, playing guitar, writing songs, pretending to be a rock star in my living room.

 Jennifer – NKOTB



Weekdays – 7p-12a

I was a small-town girl.

Aside from the ridiculous green beret and homely green jumper, signing me up for Girl Scouts was the best decision Mom made for her fifth-grade daughter. I already knew how to build a campfire, and selling cookies wasn’t the highlight of my year — it was the field trip to the radio station that thrilled my little eleven-year-old heart.

There it was, five thousand watts of crystal-clear power…it was a daytime-only radio station, the voice of our town.

One look into that studio and I was hooked. I begged them to let me take home the unused news copy from the AP wire. I hung it up on my wall like a rock-star poster. I got a tape recorder and practiced doing newscasts, writing exciting stories of neighborhood gossip. I practiced my commercials, imitating TV ads for Miss Clairol.

In the seventh grade, I entered a speech contest and won three of the four categories. The judges were the owners of that radio station.

Within a week of winning the speech contest I had my first on-air job: “Delilah, on the Warpath,” school news and sports, taped weekly.

By the time I was in high school I had worked into a full-time part-time position at the radio station. I wrote afternoon newscasts, wrote and produced commercials. I took the empty soda pop bottles back for the refund. Six days a week I was at the station. Six days a week I was happy!

It’s been over 25 years, and fourteen stations since Mrs. Davis’s Girl Scout troop walked through the doors of that first radio station. Today, my show isn’t on a five-thousand watt daytime AM station, but the thrill of the microphone hasn’t disappeared. Radio is still my first love.

§ Sports: Watching my son, Isaiah, play soccer

§ Food: YES!!

§ Color: Yellow!

§ Season: Summer in Seattle , Autumn in New England

§ Activity: Painting (art, not walls — although I do murals!)

§ Passions: Gardening, camping

Visit my official website at DELILAH.COM.



Rachael James

Rachael James


An Oklahoma native, Rachael started out in radio by volunteering to answer phones and hand out prizes at a station in 2002. Since then she’s been blessed to work on-air at six different stations around the OKC metro and currently spends her time between sister stations Magic 104.1 KMGL and 107.7 KRXO. In her free time, she enjoys cheering on the Thunder/Dallas Cowboys, watching movies and writing pop culture and health blogs. Her other interests include spicy foods, slip-on shoes, stories about serial killers and mobsters, the smell of Christmas, PJ pants, songs in minor keys, people who take pictures so she doesn’t have to, mix CDs from friends, popsicles and hugs.

Rachael Facts:
I’m deathly afraid of fish. Seriously.
You can always count on me for a “That’s what she said.” joke.
I’ve got flat feet.
I think everything tastes a little better with pepper on it.
I can’t stand metal hangers.
I grew up on a worm farm.
I have my Dad’s sense of humor and my Mom’s love of art.
I tested out of English in college.
I think left handed people are generally more interesting that right handed people.
I love the smell of Carmex, permanent markers, gasoline and cigarette smoke.
Even though I do it, I find bathing to be too time consuming.
I hate shopping in general.
When you’re hanging something on the wall, don’t ask me if it’s straight.. I’m not good at that.
Mathematics are my own personal hell.
I don’t like chocolate or peanut butter.
I grew up around all boys.

Tod Tucker

Tod Tucker


Sooner born, and Sooner bred.  I was born on the 50 yard line, well, not really, but I was born at the hospital a couple of miles away.

I’m the proud parent of 3 dogs, and a Nanday Conure, and I love working with animal adoption groups, to find forever homes. I love taking my kids to OU football games, and watching trains. I’ve been in radio almost all of my life, and have worked in Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi, Houston, Denver, Shreveport, Tulsa, and Atlanta, but my home is here in OKC!

I look forward to seeing you around town!